OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Steel)

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OP/TECH USA E-Z Comfort Strap (Steel)

The "no frills" approach to a comfortable and functional neck strap is what OP/TECH USA offers in the E-Z Comfort Strap™. It combines high-quality neoprene, top grade leather and 3/8" (9,5mm) webbing to give you a simple, yet comfortable strap. Getting down to basics without sacrificing quality is what the E-Z Comfort Strap™ is all about.

Weight reduction system
The weight reduction system reduces the stress and strain on your shoulders and neck while actually making your gear feel up to 50% lighter and 100% more comfortable.

Easy to attach with 3/8" wide webbing
The slim design and easy-to-use connection system make this a great strap for binoculars and cameras with two connection points.

Ideal for neck or shoulder use
The E-Z Comfort Strap is designed to keep gear close to the body and secure around the neck. If a shoulder strap is preferred, simply move the strap pad to your shoulder.



E-Z Comfort Strap™
* Note: The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.
Recommended Load * Up to 7 lbs (3,17kg)
Carry Style Neck
# of Connection Points Two
Connection Type 3/8" (1cm) Webbing
Strap Length Fully adjustable 22"–44" (55,9cm–118,8cm)
Pad Dimensions 1.3" x 14" (3,3cm x 35,6cm)
Quick Disconnects No
Materials Neoprene pad, nylon webbing and leather tabs
Webbing Width 3/8"
Made in the USA Yes