CAMELION Rechargeable Battery 2000 mAh A2 Bp4 + Case

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CAMELION Rechargeable Battery 2000 mAh A2 Bp4+Case

Camelion AlysReady is a pre-charged, long-life, energy and money saving rechargeable battery. It provides excellent performance-to-cost advantages over both conventional dry-cell batteries and other rechargeable batteries.

- More 20% powerful
- Low self-discharge rate
- Hh capacity and excellent performance
- No mercury and cadmium added to the formulation
- No memory effect

- Ideal for all hh drain devices, such as digital camera, photo flash or game controller etc.


- Size: AA
- Voltage: 1.2V
- Chemistry: Ni-MH Nickel-Metal Hydride
- Capacity: 2000 mAh