CAMELION BC-0807F Quick Charger 1.5HR

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CAMELION BC-0807F Quick Charger

BC-0807F USB Battery Charger can independently charge 1 to 4 pcs of rechargeable batteries independently. Withthe LED Charging Indicators, the charger will provide different signals so that you will notice when the batteries arefully charged.


  • 4 Independent Charging Channels
  • Easy to Monitor LED Charge Indicators
    • Red Charging
    • Flashing Defective or non-rechargeable
    • batteries / short circuit
    • Green Fully charged / trickle
  • Level Charge Protections:
    • - V cut off
    • Timer Control Protection
    • Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Defective and Non-rechargeable
    • battery detection

Charging Time

Type of Battery Charging time(Appr.)
1-2 Cells 3-4 Cells
Ni-MH AA 2700mAh 2h 4h
Ni-MH AA 2000mAh 1.5h 3h
Ni-MH AAA 1100mAh 1.5h 3h
Ni-MH AAA 800mAh 70min 2.5h
Ni-Cd AA 1000mAh 45min 2.5h
Ni-Cd AAA 300mAh 30min 1h

*The charging time varies according to different batteries. For a

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  • Input: 5V 2A
  • Output: AA: 1600mA (1-2pcs)
  • 800mA (3-4pcs)
  • AAA: 800mA (1-2pcs)
  • 400mA (3-4pcs)

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