DEITY Pocket Wireless (White)

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DEITY Pocket Wireless (White)

Pocket Wireless Features:

  • Lightweight and Ultra Compact
  • Locking 3.5mm Mic Input
  • Up To 175ft Range*
  • Guard Rail™️ Analog Limiter
  • Simple Pairing
  • USB-C Output for Digital and Analog Devices
  • ~1″ OLED display
  • 24bit/48KHz
  • +5Hrs of Battery Life

Locking 3.5mm Mic Input

The last thing you want is a lavalier getting unplugged in someone’s pocket. And due to the built-in microphone, you wouldn’t notice if all you were doing was monitoring VU meters on your camera because you’d still be getting an audio signal, but just not from the lav. The Pocket TX features a locking mic input that makes that fear a thing of the past.

Ultra Lightweight and Compact

Pocket Wireless was made for those on the go. For when you want to carry just the essentials, literally in your pocket.

Large ~1″ OLED Display

See what is happening with your audio all at a glance on Pocket Wireless’ large 1″ OLED display. All information you’d need can be seen on one screen. Monitoring your VU meters, battery life, and gain settings on this daylight bright display is super easy.

Guard Rail™️ Analog Limiter

Pocket Wireless features our signature Deity Connect analog limiter to help prevent clipping and distortion. Record clean audio worry-free.

+5Hrs of Battery Life

Pocket Wireless will deliver brilliant audio wirelessly to your camera for over 5 hours. And it can quickly be charged via USB-C in 75 minutes.

Compatible With All Deity Connect Gear

Pocket Wireless is a great way to get into the Deity Connect system and still be able to use your gear as you grow. Your gear investment should grow with you, not become e-waste.

Connect to Your USB Devices

The Pocket Wireless RX unit can also be plugged into your Laptop, PC, iPad*, or Android phone. No extra software or device drivers required. It will show up natively in your device’s audio input device list as a USB microphone. For mobile devices like tablets and phones, most apps will default to it as a source, no extra steps required. Going live or just shooting a quick video on your phone has never sounded so good.

Mobile Filmmaking Made Easy!

The Pocket Wireless Mobile Kit adds two extra items to make shooting with your phone even easier. The included tabletop tripod can also fold up to be used as a vlogging handle to help give you a steady shot. And the custom phone clamp allows for you to mount the RX unit on the side of your phone, freeing up the top mount for an LED light.

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  • Transmission : Type 2.4GHz
  • RF Output Power : 25mW
  • Range : Up to 65m
  • Gain Range : Up To +21 dB
  • Signal Processing : Guard Rail™ Analog Limiter
  • Audio Input : 3.5mm Locking Mic Input
  • Audio Output
    • Adaptive TRRS (Mobile)
    • Adaptive TRRS (Camera)
    • USB-C (Mobile / Laptop)
    • USB-Type A (Laptop / PC)
  • Input Mic Power : 2.5V
  • Frequency Response
    • Built-In Microphone 20Hz – 20kHz
    • Lavalier : 50Hz – 20kHZ
  • Lavalier : SPL ≥110dB
  • Lavalier : SNR ≥67dB SPL
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging Input : USB-C
  • Internal Battery Capacity
    • RX – 400 mAh
    • TX – 400 mAh
  • Approx. Battery Life : +5 Hours
  • Battery Charge Time : 75 Minutes
  • Screen Size : ~0.96” OLED Display
  • Dimensions
    • RX – 33.2 * 55.1 * 20.1mm
    • TX – 33.2 * 55.1 * 20.1mm
  • Weight
    • RX – 34g
    • TX – 31g
  • Color
    • White
    • Black