PHOTTIX AR35 Boom Arm Stand

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PHOTTIX AR35 Boom Arm Stand

Phottix AR35 boom arm stand is designed for the mounting microphone, LED light and webcam which gears with 1/4” screw mount to a desk allowing for height and angles to be easily adjusted during recording, broadcasting, voice-over ASMR sound production and lighting up or video-graphing your work on the table.

The AR35 can be reached max. 83cm. It offers dual scissor arm extension springs so you can adjust the position how you like. Built-in 1/4” threaded screw which head rotated 180° as well as compatible camera and most shock mounts. The rugged steel arm with matt black coated that max. payload 1kg.

It includes ABS mic clip holder (for mic dia 0.86” to 1.18”), table mounting clamp (max. 5.5cm), black and gold each colour of 1pc of 3/8 to 5/8” screw adapter.

What’s included

  • AR35 Boom Arm Stand
  • Table Mounting Clamp (max. 5.5cm)
  • Mic Clip Holder (for mic dia 0.86"to 1.18")
  • 3/8" to 5/8" Screw
  • 1/4" to 3/8" Screw


AR35 Boom Arm Stand

Maximum Height: 745mm ( from table clamp to 1/4 thread )

Collapsed Dimension: 395mm x 120mm x 42mm (not included table clamp and accessories)

Weight: 353g (not included table clamp and accessories)

Loading: 1.5kg

Thread: 1/4” Thread

Table Mounting Clamp

Dimension: 92mm x 84mm x 33mm

Maximum opening Height: 5.5cm

Weight: 112g

Mic Clip Holder

Dimension: 92mm x 54mm x 36mm

Micphone dia: 2.2 - 3cm

Weight: 29g

3/8" to 5/8" Screw

Dimension: 14mm x 21mm (dia)

Weight: 1.5g

1/4" to 3/8" Screw

Dimension: 7mm x 9mm (dia)

Weight: 1.5g