SIRUI TL-400-3 Telephoto Mobile Lens

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SIRUI TL-400-3 Telephoto Mobile Lens

Break distance limit and maximize shooting possibilities
SIRUI 400mm Telephoto Lens Kit Available for Scenery / Concert / Grandstand Shooting

The Secret Weapon of Photography Master
SIRUI DSLR Level Professional Mobile Phone Lens

Completely made of aluminium and high quality glass

Reject Plastic Lens Elements Each piece of SIRUI lens element is made of German Schott Manufactured Optical Glass. Quality structure of SIRUI lenses facilitates to get images in high resolution. - Aircraft Aluminum Housing Components - German Manufactured Schott Optical Glass Lens Elements - Multi-layer Anti-reflection Coatings

11 glass elements in 9 groups

Replace heavy DSLR with the portable and lightweight SIRUI 400mm Telephoto Lens Kit.
SIRUI 400mm telephoto lens kit enables users to capture distant scenery. Its 400mm focal length allows users to easily get close to the shooting object in long-distance shooting.

An Excellent Lens Kit for Long-Distance Shooting

It includes a long focus lens with outstanding performance in the shooting of grandstand, outdoors and other scenes.

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SIRUI TL-400-3 Telephoto Mobile Lens

  • Model TL-400
  • Mobile Compatible Universal
  • Focal Length Equiv. Full Frame 400mm
  • View Angle 8°
  • Lens Structure 11 Elements in 9 Groups
  • TV Distortion 3%
  • Resolution 250Lp/mm
  • Operation Temp -10° ⁓ +40
  • Focus Distance 0,8m ⁓ ∞
  • Weight Size 115g ø33 x 110mm