Singh-Ray Vari-ND Filter-77mm Thin Ring Mount

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Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filter

Add a dramatic new look to your work with motion effects and shallow depth of field, even in bright light or when using a flash.

Just turn the Vari-ND to control the amount of light passing through your lens, adding between two and eight stops of neutral density with no loss of color fidelity or sharpness. The Vari-ND is also a must-have filter for shooting video.


  • Use a sturdy tripod and locking cable release.
  • Open the Vari-ND to minimum density to compose and focus, dial in the desired density, then close your viewfinder shutter to minimize the chance of a light leak.
  • Stack a Mor-Slo filter or LB polarizer on the Vari-ND for additional density increases and to reduce glare and enhance colors. Be alert to the possibility of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. At least one of the filters must also have a standard ring mount (to reduce thickness and minimize vignetting, our thin-mount filters do not have outside threads).
  • For best results, always use the Vari-ND within its 2-8-stop exposure range.
  • Some photographers who regularly shoot at very wide angles find it helpful to use a larger filter and a step-up ring.

How the Vari-ND slows down your shutter speed in a “typical” daylight scene

Without filter 1/500 sec. at f8
Vari-ND at minimum density (2 stops) 1/125 sec. at f8
Vari-ND at middle density (5 stops) 1/15 sec. at f8
Vari-ND at maximum density (8 stops) 1/2 sec. at f8
Close your aperture for even slower shutter speeds 1 sec. at f11
2 sec. at f16
4 sec. at f22

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