KASE Magnetic Variable ND1.5-10 (10 Stop) + Adapter Ring 77mm

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KASE Magnetic Variable ND


  1. variable ND filter is convenient and quick to switch different ND stops.
  2. Ideal for videography and portrait shots, etc.
  3. With laser engraved visual scale on the filter frame, the adjustment of different stops is more accurate.
  4. Smart design to avoid vignetting or X-cross effect when filter at the biggest stop position.
  5. A fixing notch designed on the madnetic adapter ring to prevent the filter from slipping during stop adjustment.
  6. Can be use with magnetic lens cap to protect the filter from damage.

Quick and Precise Switching of Stop

Kase variable ND filter, which can quickly adjust the stop. It transitions naturally between different stops, provides good image quality.

Magnetic Installation

for quick and easier installation and removal

The strong magnet can make the filter installed quickly when it get close to the magnetic adapter. There is a small notch on the magnetic adaptering, to avoid the filter from slipping when switching the ND stop. The magnetic lens cap can protect the lens and filter from any damage.

High Definition Optical Glass

Double-sided multiple layer coating Suitable for videography or portrait shots. Avoid X cross effect or vignetting at the biggest stop position.

Variable ND Filter

Before & After

Variable ND is good for vide ography, which you can use different exposure time at same aperture and same ISO by simply adjusting the position of the handle.


  • Brand: Kase
  • Place of origin: China
  • Product Name: Kase Magnetic Variable ND Filter
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + Optical glass + Magnet
  • Option: Variable ND2-5 Variable ND6-9
  • Size Option: 77/82mm
  • Weight: 76g

In the Box:

  • Magnetic variable ND*1 /Magnetic adapter ring*1