SIRUI Nano UV Pro MRC Brass Ring 62mm

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Free: Filter Wrench 58-62

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SIRUI Nano UV Pro MRC Brass Ring

  • Made with top quality American manufactured Corning Glass.
  • L41 and AF coatings on each side of glass (waterproof, oil-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and anti-static) for maximum durability.
  • 22-layer Anti- Reflective Coating on both surfaces to eliminate reflections and provide light transnission almost 100%.
  • Thin bezel design for no vignetting even with wide angle Lenses.
  • Protect the lens and help to cut throught the effects of atmospherie haze, moisture and other form of airbone pollutants.
  • High purity, oxygen-free brass filter ring provides high strength, stability, high wear resistance and critical filter alignment.

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