HITECH Firecrest Ultraslim Non-Stackable UV MC 58mm

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Firecrest UV (UltraSlim Non-Stackable)

Formatt-Hitech's new UV filters with Firecrest coating are the single most effective tool available for eliminating UV contamination and increasing contrast and acuity in your images, while also providing protection for the front element of your valuable lenses. Firecrest UV's feature our exclusive Firecrest multicoating, that is both anti-reflective and hydrophobic, coated to broadcast quality glass in the thinnest rings on the market.

Firecrest Multicoating

Firecrest is a multicoating application for glass filters that is by far the most technologically advanced filter manufacturing process on the market. The Firecrest process is a hard-coated electrolytic process that is anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and hydrophobic. Most importantly, Firecrest technology gives our scientists unprecedented control over modifying specific frequencies of the light spectrum.

UltraSlim Rings

The UltraSlim ring is the thinnest ring on the market. They're Non-stackable. Meaning that once fitted, you cannot fit another filter or lens cap on top. They are designed to be fitted to the lens and then used without a lens cap. This is a popular technique used by photo journalists so that the camera is always at the ready.

First Batch

This is the first batch of the Firecrest UV available on the market. These filters are available in strictly limited quantities.