HITECH Firecrest Superslim Stackable UV 370 52mm

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Filter Description:

Formatt-Hitech's new UV filters with Firecrest coating are the single most effective tool available for eliminating UV contamination and increasing contrast and acuity in your images, while also providing protection for the front element of your valuable lenses. This 370nm offers additional UV protection over the basic Firecrest UV making it a great everyday UV filter for discerning shooters. For maximum UV reduction (shooting at high altitudes for example) a UV 400nm is also available. Firecrest UV's feature our exclusive Firecrest multicoating, that is both anti-reflective and hydrophobic, coated to broadcast quality glass in the thinnest rings on the market. This 52mm filter features the 5.5mm SuperSlim ring which is the thinnest stackable ring on the market.

Features Firecrest UV 370

  • 52mm Firecrest UV 370nm Multicoated filter is available with SuperSlim 5.5mm stackable or UltraSlim 3mm non-stackable ring
  • Provides essential lens protection while improving image quality by reducing UV
  • Firecrest multicoating is anti-reflective and hydrophobic for shooting in challenging conditions
  • 370nm is our mid-level UV, suitable for professional applications and everyday use. A 400nm UV is also available maximum UV reduction.
  • Made in the UK on the most advanced computer-controlled manufacturing equipment in the industry.