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The high-quality Venus Optics Laow UV filter with a diameter of 49 mm is made of high-transparency optical glass. Special anti-reflective coatings that have been coated effectively reduce the amount of glare. The filter is an ideal accessory for the Laowa C & D Dreamer lens 9 mm f / 2.8 Zero-D and other lenses equipped with a 49 mm filter thread.

UV filters have two basic roles:

UV reduction

Filters of this type effectively reduce the amount of ultraviolet spectrum that reaches the camera. This is particularly important in the case of analogue photography using traditional photosensitive materials, much more susceptible to UV radiation than digital matrices. UV filters are also useful during mountain treks where UV radiation is much more intense at high altitude. Cutting off a significant portion of the unnecessary band has a positive effect on the sharpness and clarity of the pictures taken.

Lens protection

In addition to reducing radiation, UV filters are commonly used as a protective element of the lens, protecting its front element from scratches and bruising.