DAISEE 43mm UV Haze ProDMC Slim

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DAISEE 43mm UV Haze Pro DMC Slim


High Quality Optical Glass

The Schott Original High Quality Optical Glass had been utilized resulting in high transmittance and effective blocking of UV rays below 370mm. The edge of the lens has undergone matte processing in order to prevent harmful glare.

Super DMC Water & Oil Repellent Multi-coating

The Super DMC Multi-Coating has a 26-Layer Outer Surface & 8-Layer Inner Surface, which is Water & Oil Repellent, Scratch & Stain Resistant. The coating meets the standard requirements of the optical coating, which has been through rigorous Salt Water Immersion Tests.

Super Slim Brass Frame

A brass frame has been adopted to perfectly protect the filter & lens. The thickness of the frame is merely 3.5mm, which can eliminate vignetting on extra wide angle lens. The frame has been through the EU ROSH standard, and is in line with environmental requirements.