KASE K9 100mm Filter Holder Kit

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Kase K9 100mm Filter Holder Kit

Utilizing a modular filter slot system, this Kase K9 100mm Filter Holder Kit allows for the convenient use of up to three separately available 100mm wide, 2mm thick filters along with an included Kase 90mm Magnetic Circular Polarizer Filter that is designed to avoid vignetting when used with a wide-angle lens. The slot system can also be reconfigured so that the kit's filter holder accommodates up to three, separately available 100mm wide, 1.1mm thick filters along with the circular polarizer filter. While in use, the circular polarizer filter magnetically fits within the filter holder system so it can be quickly installed, removed, or switched with a different Kase 90mm magnetic filter depending on the subject or changing lighting conditions.

Constructed for durability while remaining lightweight, use of the Kase K9 100mm Filter Holder Kit is easily accomplished by first screwing one of its included 77 or 82mm adapter rings onto a lens or step-up ring with corresponding front filter threads. A 67-82mm step-up ring as well as a 72-82mm step-up ring for use with the 82mm adapter ring are also included for lenses with 67mm or 72mm front filter threads, respectively. After being fitted onto an adapter ring, the filter holder's locking knob helps to provide a reliable, yet adjustable connection that allows the holder to be rotated 360°, which benefits the use of graduated neutral density or other filters that are enhanced by varied positioning. The included circular polarizer filter can then be placed within the filter holder assembly, followed by 100mm wide filters that are either 2mm or 1.1mm thick.

The adapter rings accommodate the magnetic circular polarizer within the filter holder system. When combined with both the adapter ring and filter holder, the circular polarizer filter can be rotated to adjust its effect. An external dial on the filter holder integrates with the polarizer's geared filter ring, allowing for the independent rotation of the circular polarizer filter in order to adjust the intensity of the polarization effect. Two pairs of screw-in guide blocks are included. When installed, one guide block pair creates three slots for 100mm wide, 2mm thick filters while the other guide block pair creates three slots for 100mm wide, 1.1mm thick filters.


  • Material Filter Holder : Aluminum Alloy
  • Adapter Rings : Steel
  • Step-Up Rings : Aluminum Alloy
  • Circular Polarizer Filter : Multi-coated Schott B270 Superwhite Glass with a 2x (+1 Stop) Filter Factor, Steel Filter Ring
  • Compatibility Filter Holder with 2mm Filter Guide Blocks : Accepts up to One Kase 90mm Magnetic Filter Along with up to Three 100mm Wide, 2mm Thick Filters
  • Filter Holder with 1.1mm Filter Guide Blocks : Accepts up to One Kase 90mm Magnetic Filter Along with up to Three 100mm Wide, 1.1mm Thick Filters
  • Adapter Rings : Connects Filter Holder to Lenses with 77 or 82mm Front Filter Threads
  • Step-Up Rings : Connects 82mm Adapter Ring to Lenses with 67 or 72mm Front Filter Threads
  • Rotating Filter Holder : Yes, 360°
  • Circular Polarizer Filter : Yes, 360°
  • Package Weight : 1.075 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH) : 9.3 x 6.9 x 1.9"