SIRUI Nano ND8 Pro MRC Aluminum Ring 77mm

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SIRUI Nano ND8 Pro MRC Aluminum Ring

  • Made with top quality German manufactured Schott Plate Glass B270.
  • No Vignetting even with wideangle lenses.
  • ND and AF coatings on each side of glass (waterproof, oil-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective and anti-static) for maximum durability.
  • 22-layer Anti-Reflective Coating for perfectly linear, uniform light reduction from edge-to-edge, high light transmission, reflection reduction and precise color rendition.
  • Allows exposure at wider f-stops under bright lighting conditions.
  • Perfect for capturing longer exposures and for controlling motion blur.
  • Aircraft grade lightweight aluminum filter ring provides anti-static, high strength, corrosion resistance, stability and critical filter alignment.