B+W XS-Pro MRC-Nano 810 ND 3.0 77mm (BW-1089251)

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B+W XS-Pro MRC-Nano 810 ND 3.0 77mm (BW-1089251)


The latest ND Filters (800 Series) from B+W, utilize excellent, finely ground and polished special glass, and thin film technology. This guarantees the necessary optical quality needed with todays still and video lenses.

In the thin-film technology that has been developed here, it is not just the pure ND filter effect that delivers results: a 3-layer combination coating also optimizes the ND filter. In addition to the filter effect, the combination coating also prevents troublesome reflections by including a multilayer anti-reflection component with seven layers on each side of the filter. Finally, an outer layer with dirt- and water-repellent properties is applied. With this feature, the filter not only has all-round protection, but cleaning and care of the filter is made easier.The light attenuation itself is very uniform over the entire visible range and therefore produces optimal, color-neutral images.


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