SIRUI Nano ND64 Pro MRC Aluminum Ring 58mm

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SIRUI Nano ND64 Pro MRC Aluminum

The SIRUI S-Pro Nano MC ND64 (6 Stop) Neutral Density Filter 77mm is a Neutral Density Filter that reduces light by 6 stops. When shooting in the bright sun or in strong light conditions, and the shutter speed needs to be slowed to create brilliant effects, the ND filter is a great tool. It reduces the light entering the camera to increase the aperture and adjust the shutter to maximize the creative control of the image.

  • Reduces the amount of light capture movement
  • Protects the lens from external influences
  • High-quality German-produced B270 Schott glass
  • Multicoated – 4-layer multicoating
  • Material: aluminium, glass