DAISEE 40.5mm X-LR DMC ND1000 (3.0)

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DAISEE 40.5mm X-LR DMC-ND1000 (3.0)

Daisee Coating
Double side 8 layer anti-reflective digital multi coating
Water & oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant

Daisee Glass
High Transparency, high density enhanced optical glass
Schott glass reducing light reflection around filter edge

Daisee Frame
3.5mm super slim black anodized filter ring eliminating vignette
Glass mounted with high pressure press technology

Superior Optical Technology
High quality optical glass is adopted for the production of all Daisee filters. Schott original optical glass is specially used for the professional Daisee Super Multi-coated filters series.
The optical glass has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays, which almost 100% light can go through within the visible spectral range. Reflection of light is less than 0.5%.

Daisee Testing Data indicates that:
Those filters without coating can reflect about 8% of the light, which hitting on the two air-contact surfaces of the glass; while the light loss of the multi-coated filters is only 0.5%. The multi-coating technology plays an excellent role in glare and light reflection. Daisee’s multi-coated filters decrease the possibility of glare and reflection from approximately 8% down to 0.5%, which means reflection, is reduced 16 times.