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Solar Eclipse Filter

The solar eclipse filter is designed solely for simple photography of solar eclipses or the surface of the sun. It is NOT suitable for general long-exposure landscape photography.

NOT intended as a viewing filter for solar events. Never look through the filter directly at the sun, as there is a risk of severe eye damage.

A solar eclipse is such a rare and captivating phenomenon it’s only natural to want to capture it in a sequence of photographs.However, when shooting a solar eclipse, even the lowest ISOs and fastest shutter speeds result in overexposed, blown-out images that fail to reflect the fascinating process.As a result, a very strong, specialised filter is required to bring the exposure range down to manageable levels. This is where our Solar Eclipse Filter comes in.

Solar Eclipse Filter

When shooting solar events this filter brings the exposure range down to manageable levels.

NEVER look directly at the sun, even through the filter.