KASE K100 Wolverine 100x100mm ND32/1.5 (5Stop)

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Kase Wolverine K100 ND32 100x100mm

Product information

The Kase Wolverine K100 ND32 100x100mm (5 stops / 5 stops) neutral density filters are perfectly suited to control the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor.

Through the longer exposure times, for example, the movement of the clouds can be captured or water are drawn silky.

The Kase Wolverine series is characterized by an excellent color neutrality. Our used high precision optical glass is shockproof. By the oil and water repellent nano coating, the filters are very easy to clean.

This ND32 filter has the 100x100mm size.


  • Filter System: K100
  • Matching Filter Holder: K8-Kit, K9, K100-Slim
  • Filter dimensions: 100x100mm
  • Type of filter: ND (Neutral Density)
  • F-Stops: 5
  • Material: Hardened optical glass, optical glass
  • Accessories: Filter bag, Gaskets for filter holders from other manufacturers