HITECH 100x100 ND 0.9 (3 stop) STD

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HITECH 100x100 ND 0.9 (3 stop) STD

Neutral Density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral effect and are used to reduce light in photography, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting color or contrast. The 0.9 ND reduces light by 3 stops and is made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin. The 100mm size is useable with the Formatt-Hitech 100mm holder system or any 100mm (4") holder. The filter is also available in 67mm, 85mm, 150mm and 165mm sizes.


Neutral Density (ND) filters are a neutral gray that attenuates the light the reaches the lens. Formatt-Hitech makes two complete ranges of neutral density filter; the Standard Neutral Density and the ProStop IRND. The Standard Neutral Density filter featured here is available from 1/3 stops attenuation up to four stops of attenuation. These filters are an excellent choice for value conscious photographers and cinematographers who only need low to medium levels of light attenuation.


  • Extremely neutral attenuation up to 4 stops
  • Offered in 1, 2, 3 or 4 stops
  • Value priced when compared to the higher density ProStop IRND range
  • Manufactured to scientific standards using the highest grade of optical resin or Schott Superwite glass
  • Chamfered corners to minimize breakage and maximize the lifespan of the product

Use in Cinema

To achieve the cinematic look camera shutters should be set to one fiftieth of a second. Exposure on digital cinema cameras is achieved by selecting the desired aperture and ISO setting, then adding or subtracting neutral density filtration to achieve proper exposure. Formatt-Hitech's Neutral Density range is an excellent choice for value conscious DSLR cinematographers needing a moderate level of attenuation. For high levels of attenuation (more than 4 stops), we recommend the ProStop IRND range. www.formatt-hitech.com