LEE Filters Seven5 75x90 Graduated ND 0.6 HE

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Seven5 Micro Filter System

Light, portable and perfect for street photography and general picture-taking
on-the-go, compact system cameras feature the flexibility of manual controls and interchangeable lenses, but it hasn't always been possible to make the most of filters with them – until now.

Comprising a lightweight, precision engineered filter holder, the LEE Filters Seven5 Micro Filter System is compatible with LEE's 75x90mm filter range - which includes a Polariser, Neutral Density Filters and now the Big Stopper.

Simply select the correct adaptor ring for your lens thread, screw it onto the lens, snap on the filter holder and drop in the appropriate filter.

In just a few moments you're ready to shoot.

0.6 Neutral Density Hard Grad

Reduces exposure by 2 stops without affecting colour balance. Hard transition from dark to light.


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