MARUMI 100x150 Filter GND Hard 8 (0.9) for Magnetic Holder

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MARUMI 100x150 Filter GND Hard 8 (0.9) for Magnetic Holder

Marumi Magnetic Gradual Gray Soft Filters GND8 100x150 mmNote Price Rp. 2,500,000 is the price of 1 pcs GND marumi filter. Please specify the desired filter variation. Please select 1 of the following filters Soft GND4 (0.6) Soft GND8 (0.9) Soft GND16 (1.2) Marumi Magnetic Gradual Gray Filter Soft GND8 (100x150mm) is a rectangular filter that allows you to capture a changing landscape beautifully and easily. Soft GND (Graduated Neutral Density) is specifically designed for use with the Marumi Magnetic Filter Holder M100, which is available separately. Because the magnetic frame attaches your filter safely and quickly to the filter holder. The Marumi Soft GND8 filter contains a soft transition between transparent and dark parts and is therefore an ideal filter for locations without a clear horizon. This reduces reflected light without disturbing the color balance. Produces optimal light transmission and beautiful neutral colors in your photos. For example when you are shooting landscapes with clear skies, the filter then maintains a balance of colors in your photo so the sky is not too bright. The glass filter contains multicoating (Schott B270 glass), making it scratch-resistant and waterproof on both sides. The anti-static filter glass also prevents adhesion of dust and dirt particles. How to Use Marumi Soft GND Soft Filter The rectangular glass of Marumi Soft GND8 contains a metal frame on the side, with a wide handle on the top and a wavy edge on the side. This makes the filter easy to handle. Because the magnetic handle easily attaches the filter to the holder, you can use the filter instantly. The holder then takes the filter firmly, so there is no vignetting. You can stack a total of three filters into the M100 Filter Station, which can be easily adjusted by the magnetic stripe height.

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