DAISEE 100x150mm (S) X-AS GNDS16 (1.2)

Rp 1.150.000
Shipping Weight: 0.16 kg per item
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GND (Graduated Neutral Density)

Daisee X-AS graduated neutral density insert filter is gray toned in one half & Smoothly garduated into the clear portion.
  • Appropriate-Structure
  • High Transmittance
  • Ultra Low Reflection & Ultra Low Color Cast
  • Smooth Gradual Transition, Uniform Color

Daisee Coating

  • Double side Anti-Reflective Digital Multi-Coating
  • Water & Oil Repellent; Scratch & Stain Resistant
  • Anti-glare

Daisee Glass

  • High Transparency High Density Enhanced Optical Glass
  • Matt Frosted Glass Reducing Light Reflection