HITECH 100x125 Firecrest IRND Graduated ND 1.5 SE

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HITECH 100x125 Firecrest IRND Graduated ND 1.5 SE

The Firecrest Pro, builds on the history and success of the Firecrest Brand.

Our filters are manufactured using a rare earth metal coating, which is applied directly onto the glass using our advanced multi-coating technology. This is then bonded between further layers of the finest Schott Superwhite optical glass to provide industry leading scratch resistance and longevity.

For complete light leakage protection, a component on blackout edging is applied to completely alleviate the risk of light leak that can occur through unprotected filter edges.

The Firecrest Pro 2mm range is available in 100x100mm 2mm Standard NDs and 100x150mm 2mm Graduated NDs.

Firecrest Pro is rated for wider focal lengths up to 100mm. It is ideally suited to landscape photography. For photographers that need a longer focal length, please see Firecrest Ultra which is rated for extreme megapixel sensors and long focal lengths


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