LEE Filters LEE100 Filter Holder

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The LEE100 Holder

The LEE100 holder, designed by photographers for photographers. An evolution of our tried and tested 100mm filter holder, improved in every way.

The new LEE100 holder comes with a protective slip pouch, and spares to allow you to configure 1, 2 or 3 filter slots.

How does it work?

Precision engineered from injection-moulded composite materials, the holder is rigid, strong and lightweight. It clips on to the adaptor ring in the same, familiar way, by pulling the spring release and snapping the holder on. Simple to operate, the holder can be attached and removed from the adaptor ring one-handed, if necessary.

After this, the user has a number of options. There is now a blue locking dial around the base of the spring release, and this has three possible positions. When it is in ‘neutral’, the holder is locked to the adaptor ring in the way it always has, can be rotated freely, and allows the user to quickly remove it. It can also be knocked off, should you catch it accidentally, and so keeping your camera and lens safe.

Turn the blue locking dial upwards, and the holder can still be rotated; however, in this setting, the holder cannot be removed – it is locked firmly to the adaptor ring and therefore cannot be knocked off accidentally.

Turn the blue locking dial downwards, and once again the holder itself is locked in place and cannot be knocked off. However, in addition to this, when the locking dial is in this position, the holder itself cannot be rotated.

While it’s fine for the holder to remain locked on to the adaptor ring if you’re moving around with your camera – for instance, with your tripod over your shoulder – it is not recommended to keep the filters in the holder, as there is a danger of them slipping out and being damaged or broken.

Filter-guide blocks

The system of inserting filters is entirely new, and very straightforward. Rather than each individual slot having to be assembled and attached to the holder, as in the past, the LEE100 system is supplied with three modular filter-guide blocks of one, two and three slots. These are easily removed and can be interchanged according to the photographer’s needs.

To remove a filter-guide block, use the removal tool that is supplied with the holder system. The pointed end of the removal tool is used to take off the guide-block cover. Once this has been removed, turn the tool round and insert the flat end into the gap in the filter-guide lock. This releases the block, which then comes away from the holder with ease.

To attach a filter-guide block, simply place it over the small turrets on the filter holder, and push until it snaps into place. Once you feel the positive click, you’ll know it’s securely in place.

All that’s left to do at this point is to clip the appropriate size of filter-guide block cover over the open side of the block, and you are ready to go.

Using your filters The slots in the filter-guide blocks have been designed with a tapered profile, for secure retention of the filters. Filters can be combined in the same way they always have, and the useful locking system means you can, if necessary, set a neutral-density grad at an angle, lock the holder in place, then push in one of our Stopper filters, without risk of unwittingly moving the system.

Designed to be used with many of today’s ultrawideangle lenses, the LEE100 system allows you to work with up to three slot-in filters on the widest lenses without risk of vignetting.

What’s in the box

  • LEE100 holder with 2 filter slots
  • Pouch
  • Spare blocks for 1 and 3 filter configurations
  • Blade removal tool

*All kits are exclusive of adaptor rings.