LEE Filters 100mm System Side Blades No.2 2mm (Pair)

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2mm Side Blades (Filter Slots/Guides) are the same as those already provided with the LEE Filters 100mm System Holders. They will enable you to add additional LEE Filters to the holder. Provided as a pack of 2


These side blades are attached to the LEE Filters 100mm System Holders via brass screws. (not included) You may require longer screws: 3/4 Inch (19mm) are suggested for fitting 3 sets of 2mm guides to the Lee holder at once. Please note that the LEE Filters 100mm System Foundation Kit, Upgrade Kit & Professional Kit all come with 2 pairs of guides attached 1 extra set, and extra 3/4 Inch screws already included with each holder. The Lee Filters 100mm System Starter Kit & Digital SLR Starter Kit do not come with the additional guides or screws, so this product is necessary if you wish to use more than two filters at once. Adding more than 3 Side Blades may result in vignetting (visual cut off) occurring.