HITECH Firecrest Superslim Stackable Circular Polariser 72mm

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Filter Description:

Polarisers are essential filters for increasing the image quality of your outdoor photographs because they remove atmospheric haze, increasing contrast between clouds and sky. polarisers also remove unwanted reflections from water, windshields, windows, and foliage. The anti-reflective properties of Firecrest multicoating means your images will have the highest contrast and fidelity. This 105mm filter features the 7.5mm thin SuperSlim ring which is stackable and accepts a lens cap. Note: If you have a autofocus camera or a digital camera with a CMOS chip, you need a circular polariser, rather than a linear. “Circular” and “Linear” refer to the polarization of the light, not the shape of the filter. (i.e. we make square circular polarisers)

Features Firecrest Multicoated Circular Polariser

  • Polarizers remove haze from sky and reflections from water, glass and foliage.
  • This 105mm filter features either the 7.5mm thin SuperSlim or 4.5mm UltraSlim ring
  • Made from the highest quality Schott Superwite glass
  • Firecrest Multicoating increases fidelity and contrast improving overall image quality.
  • Made in the UK on the most advanced computer-controlled manufacturing equipment in the industry.
Intro to Polarizer Filters
The effect that polarisers have on photography is almost magical. Bright glaring reflections on water magically disappear. Foliage becomes deep and rich. Haze evaporates from the sky leaving clouds silhouetted against dramatic blue skies. Formatt-Hitech's polarisers are of the finest available. The circular polarization pattern means that they work seamlessly with any digital sensor (linear polarisers from any manufacturer should be avoided when using CMOS sensors).

Firecrest Multicoating
Firecrest is a multicoating that was developed to provide the absolute highest UV protection and the highest protection against reflection. Firecrest is a precision and high fidelity product suitable for scientific evaluation. Firecrest was designed for the demands of professional photographers using top lenses from Zeiss, Hasselblad, Leica, Canon and more. If you're a connoisseur of precision optics, choose Firecrest.

A reflection reducing coating is especially important when using polarisers as often the polarizer is employed to remove reflections that are bearing down directly on the barrel of the lens. For this reason, Formatt-Hitech offers our revolutionary Firecrest anti-reflective coating for our polarizing filters. Firecrest coating protects against UV contamination, plus it reduces reflections, increases scratch resistance, and increases contrast and acuity.

Available Versions

The new polarisers are available in standard (uncoated) and with Firecrest Multicoating. Both are available in two versions of slim circular screw-in, SuperSlim and UltraSlim. The SuperSlim is threaded, stackable and only 7.5mm thin. The UltraSlim rings are 4.5mm thin. UltraSlim rings are not stackable and don't have threading for lens caps, however they are the thinnest circular screw-in filters in the world.