LEE Filters 100x150mm Sunrise Set

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LEE Filters 100x150 Sunrise Set

A set of three bright, warm colours for dawn or sunrise photography. The Straw 2 Grad filter is a fairly strong yellow and is a good warm-up filter. Mahogany 1 Grad helps achieve a paler sunrise effect, while placing the Straw Stripe across the horizon adds warmth.

This pack includes the following products

Mahogany 1 Graduated Gives an evening and dawn effect to skies. A good "red sky at night" effect. 100mm x 150mm

Straw 2 Graduated A greater yellow warm-up for landscapes. Accentuates foregrounds when inverted. 100mm x 150mm

Straw Stripe A greater yellow warm-up for landscapes. 100mm x 150mm

Source : http://www.leefiltersusa.com