LEE Filters Seven5 75x90 Black and White Set

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Seven5 Black & White Set

Available in optically correct resin. This set contains 75x90mm filters for the Seven5 System but individual filters are also available in a range of sizes for our other systems.

Filters are an essential part of any black and white photographer's kit, and this set reflects that. The set is made up of Yellow, Red and Yellowish Green standard filters (not grads). The Yellow and Red filters will enhance the contrast in a sky to varying degrees, while the Yellowish Green both imparts contrast and opens up the tones of green foliage.

11 Yellowish Green Standard

Alters the response of panchromatic emulsions to be equivalent to the eye responding to objects under tungsten illumination.

23A Light Red Standard

Greater contrast effect than No. 21 Orange.

8 Yellow Standard

Darkens sky, cloud and foliage to reproduce correct tones.