Kase K150P Nikon 14-24mm CPL kit

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Kase K150P Nikon 14-24mm CPL kit

For the Nikon NIKKOR 1424 mm 1: 2.8G ED lens with a curved front element and integrated lens hood we have designed a filter holder for our 150mm filter system.

The filter holder can be used in the standard configuration, accommodate two filters (the parts for a third filter insert attached).

In the design we paid attention to the possibility of quick assembly and disassembly. As the material CNC is machined 6063 aluminum used, which suppresses by its matt-black finish light reflections within the filter holder.

With appropriate adapter rings this filter holder can also be used with a filter diameter.

Filter holder CNC made of aluminium

up to 3 filter inserts

150x150mm and 150x170mm filters