LOMOGRAPHY The Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 Camera

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LOMOGRAPHY The Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 Camera

The world’s only 35 mm camera dedicated to sprocket holes, the Sprocket Rocket Teal 2.0 is a panoramic camera made for capturing the bigger picture. Dressed to impress in a luscious teal suit, this analogue beauty comes with scroll knobs so you can travel back in time and mix n’ match your memories with multiple exposures and endless panoramas. Never let a moment pass you by, leave no story untold and no film unexposed!

“This camera is so easy-peasy. A real point-and-click adventurer, a good companion for every hiking tour. And it's also sturdy enough to withstand a little rough handling.” – Community member dermanu

Expose Sprockets

Nothing screams analogue like sprocket dotted snaps. Let the Sprocket Rocket pepper your shots in gorgeous perforations across the entirety of 35 mm film.

Shoot Endless Panoramas and Multiple Exposures

Use the rewind knobs to remix your memories with multiple exposures, and blend together panoramas to creative brilliant long frames.

Widen Your Field of View

With its unique 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio, wide 30 mm focal length, and impressive 106° field of view, the Sprocket Rocket is made to capture the bigger picture.


SKU hp400teal
Cable Release Connection No
Battery Type No
Available Apertures Cloudy= f10.8 Sunny= f16
Shutter Speeds Fixed 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)
Focal Length 30mm
Film advance Knob
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance 0.6m - Infinity
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount Yes
Lightmeter No
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder