LOMOGRAPHY Experimental Aperture Plates for New Petzval 85mm - Season 2

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New Petzval 85mm Special Aperture Plates – Season 2

Add an extra charming touch to your Petzval photos with this new set of Petzval 85mm Special Aperture Blades!

Are you out and about with your New Petzval 85mm Lens? Transform your bokeh background into a backdrop of beautiful shapes with the new Petzval 85mm Special Aperture Blades. Now available is a variety of cool shapes to choose from, guaranteed to make your Petzval photographs even more extraordinary.

Package Includes

  • Diamond Bokeh Plate
  • Heart Bokeh Plate
  • Flower Bokeh Plate
  • Cross Bokeh Plate

Additional Information

  • SKU z240ap
  • Brand Lomography
  • Material Metal