PANASONIC DMW-BLG10E Lithium-ion Battery Pack for G100/ GX9

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Panasonic DMW-BLG10E

Spare batteries for more shooting enjoyment.

* Minimum Capacity Rating will be indicated on battery body based on the IEC standard [IEC61960] which issued by International Electrotechnical Commission.

• Batteries made by other companies which have been certified by Panasonic may be used with these units, but we offer no guarantee as to the quality, performance or safety of such batteries. • Exercise care when purchasing batteries. Many fake or imitation batteries have been found among those sold at unusually low prices and those which customers cannot check for themselves before purchasing.

• Please confirm the latest information about batteries on the following website. (This website is in English only.)

Lithium-ion battery 7.2V, 1,025mAh*, 7.4Wh