OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Kit 12-40mm PRO

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark I

DUAL FAST AF for compatibility with Olympus digital lens range.

A new 16.3 megapixel LiveMOS sensor is the first to feature Olympus’ Dual FAST AF technology. The technology combines both Phase Difference and Contrast Detection autofocus, for superior performance when tracking and in continual autofocus. The on sensor phase difference auto focusing module allows for full compatibility with Olympus’ entire range of Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds lenses without compromise when used with Olympus’ MMF-3 (or MMF-2) lens adaptor. E-M1 users who attach micro Four Thirds lenses, have benefit of 81 points of autofocus and when Four Thirds lenses are attached they are instantly recognised and utilise a 37 point auto-focusing system.

TruePic VII Delivering the highest performance in Olympus history.

Building upon the industry redenifing Fine Detail Process first introduced with TruePic 5 in the E-5, Olympus has developed Fine Detail Process II in conjunction with TruePic VII – Olympus’ most powerful multi-cored processor yet. Despite the complete removal of the Low Pass Filter, phenomena such as moire, is now a non issue allowing for outstanding image clarity at the pixel level.

TruePic VII Delivering outstanding advancements in processing technology.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible through image processing, TruePic VII allows for the correction of chromatic aberration often seen in difficult lighting conditions and wide angle lenses; as well as the compensation of diffraction degradation often seen when stopping down lenses to smaller apertures. This allows for the TruePic VII processor to produce images that are consistently sharp when either stopped down or shooting at optimal apertures. TruePic VII heralds in a new era of imaging excellence for both macro and landscape photographers alike.

Newly developed shutter delivering the most responsive shooting experience.

A newly engineered front & rear curtain has allowed for the E-M1 to capture at a rate of 10 fps up to 36 consecutive shots in RAW with focus fixed or 6.5 fps up to 50 at a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second. Additionally the E-M1 can flash sync at up to 1/320th.

Largest integrated Digital Viewfinder for an unrivalled shooting experience.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) synonymous with the Olympus OM-D series is brought to a whole new level with the introduction of the E-M1. Allowing for a preview of exposure settings before the moment of image capture, the E-M1 continues this tradition whilst sporting an ultra high definition 2.36 million pixel viewfinder delivering a 0.74x magnification (in 35mm equiv) – larger than any APS-C and a majority of viewfinders seen in 35mm Digital SLRs (as of September 10th, 2013)

Colour Creator Bringing in a whole new world of shooting.

Colour Creator extends the Olympus viewfinder technology to become the most intuitive and immersive shooting experience. Utilising the E-M1’s front and rear dials, users have the ability to super saturate or de-saturate a scene as well as shift the colour cast of an image to affect the tone and mood of a scene whist still allowing to further control a highlights & shadows curve introduced with the E-M5. All made possible through Olympus’ Live View technology that allows the user to live preview the adjustments they are making and the image they are creating.

World's Most Advanced Image Stabiliser

The groundbreaking 5-axis stabilisation system first introduced with the E-M5 has been further refined to provide the most effective stabilisation system in Olympus’ camera lineup. The E-M1 is equipped with motion detectors that can automatically detect side and vertical motions in all orientations and disengage appropriate axes to allow for optimal stabilisation even when panning.

Wireless connectivity with full manual control.

The E-M1 is Olympus’ first camera that allows for complete wireless control over the camera’s shooting parameters in P, A, S & M modes. When utilising Olympus’ OI Share app for iOS & Android, users gain the ability to control the shutter of the E-M1 wirelessly as well as its other parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, White Balance and ISO. Also available via the OI Share app are Live BULB & Live Time, first introduced in the E-M5, for users who like long exposure photography. Users can simply define focus of the image by utilising the touchscreen on their smart device.

New HDR Shooting and Hand Held Starlight modes.

The E-M1 is capable of stacking and processing a HDR exposure. With a single press of the shutter, the E-M1 takes 4 simultaneous shots and merges the image into a single image. Users wanting enhanced control also have the ability to select various bracketing options for manual HDR processing up to 7 shots in 2.0EV increments in a single bracket. Additionally the E-M1 also features Hand Held Starlight mode which captures and stacks 8 captures into a single image to allow for beautiful low light results with minimal noise.

In Built Intervalometer for Time Lapse Shooting with Movie Feature

First introduced in the E-P5, the E-M1 features the ability to capture in intervals ranging from every second to every 24 hours. Improvements now allow for the E-M1 to capture up to 999 shots in a single capture sequence. Users also have the luxury of the E-M1 automatically compiling the time lapse into a condensed time-lapse movie once the sequence has been captured.