SONY HVL-F60RM2 Wireless Flash Video Light

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SONY HVL-F60RM2 Wireless Flash Video Light

GN60 High-output flash supports the latest camera technology

This durable high-output GN60 flash unit delivers levels of sophistication and camera communication that only Sony can offer, achieving reliable flash at high continuous shooting speeds and sync at shutter speeds up to 1/400 sec. Intuitive operation via the camera interface, quick shift bounce, and wireless radio communication add refined control and versatility.

Intelligent communication with the latest α bodies

α Lighting System has evolved in parallel with α camera bodies to give creators optimum illumination in a wide range of applications. A level of integration that is only possible with original Sony products achieves detailed communication with compatible camera bodies for reliable and precise light control.

Stable high-power GN60 output that satisfies professional needs

Because the HVL-F60RM2 is designed and manufactured by Sony, it can communicate with α camera bodies to deliver consistent GN60 light output at every flash. The HVL-F60RM supports focal lengths from 20mm (14mm with the wide panel) to 200mm.

Flash control linked to camera face detection

With a compatible camera, white balance is automatically adjusted so that the subject’s face is rendered with natural color. The HVL-F60RM2 works with a compatible camera face detection to provide ideal lighting for the main subject, even in groups.

Auto white balance accuracy that only original equipment can achieve

Thanks to in-house design, this advanced flash unit transfers colour temperature data to the camera where that data is used to precisely adjust white balance so that colours are rendered naturally in any situation.

Light output optimised for focal length and image size

Flash illumination angle is automatically adjusted to match the focal length of the lens used over a 20-200mm range. Light distribution is also adjusted for optimum illumination with full-frame or APS-C format.

Fast recycle and dependable high-speed continuous flash

Advanced electronics and construction contribute to fast recycle times and allow continuous flash shooting for extended periods of time. A set of four batteries can provide power for more than 240 flashes with 1.7 second recycle time. The optional FA-EBA1 external flash battery adapter can be used to provide recycle times as fast as 0.6 seconds.

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Flash Head

  • Guide Number 60' / 18.3 m at ISO 100 (200 mm Position)
  • Coverage Full-Frame 14 to 200 mm (with Reflector)
  • Bounce Head Yes
  • Swivel Head 180°
  • Recycle Time Approx. 1.7 Second

Exposure Control

  • Exposure Control Sony ADI / P-TTL


  • Wireless Operation Radio (TTL/Manual) Up to 98.4' / 30 m (Commander, Master, Optical Slave, Slave)
  • Wireless Channels 15
  • Wireless Groups 3


  • Internal Power 4 x AA (Alkaline, NiMH)
  • External Power Pack Compatible Yes


  • Mount Shoe
  • Off-Camera Terminal 3.5 mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 3.1 x 5.6 x 4.1" / 78.1 x 143.1 x 104.6 mm
  • Weight 15.5 oz / 439 g (without Battery)

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