CANON BG-E22 Battery Grip for EOS R

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Battery Grip BG-E22 for EOS R

  • Dedicated Battery Grip for EOS R
  • Accommodates two LP-E6N batteries for high-volume shooting
  • Works as a vertical grip for more comfortable camera operation at vertical orientation
  • Shutter button, Multi-function button, Main dial, Quick Control dial, AF start button, AE lock button and AF point selection button are provided for more consistent vertical shooting experience
  • A USB Type-C charging terminal1 is available and supports battery charging with the bundled USB Power Adapter PD-E12. It is not necessary to attach to the camera body when charging
  • A traditional PC terminal is added for connecting studio flash unit with PC cord
  • Equipped with a camera alignment pin hole on the bottom part to facilitate video shooting when using on a video tripod
  • Dust-and-water-resistant design3

1 The USB Type-C connector on BG-E22 is for battery charging only; for digital output or communication, use the USB Type-C terminal on the camera body.

2 Battery charging is compatible with Battery Pack LP-E6N only. Charging is also possible when two packs of LP-E6N are loaded, the LP-E6N closer to the battery magazine’s release handle will be charged first. Charging is not possible when one LP-E6N and one LP-E6 are loaded. When the battery power is above 90%, charging is not possible.

3 It is not recommended for use under rain.


Battery Grip BG-E22
Battery Magazine
USB Power Adapter PD-E1 (with power cord)
Purchase Record Card
Battery Type 2 x Battery Pack (LP-E6/LP-E6N))
Tripod Mounting Thread 1/4"-20