SANDILOCK Ext HDD 1TB With Encryptor

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SANDILOCK Ext HDD 1TB With Encryptor

Lock my valuable data simply & firmly!


Free from OS, Independent, real-time Hardware Encryption

Software Encryption causes several inconveniences like partition allocate, separate S/W installation, data transfer speed down. Sandilock Supports full Hardware Encryption. So, it works independently with all OS and there's No S/W installation and No data transfer speed down even insecurity mode (Encryption).

Compatible with any device which supports USB host

Sandilock can be used not only all Operating Systems (MAC, Windows, Linux), but also any device (Media Player, TV, Set-top box, NAS..) which support USB host. Just connect

to USB host and enter the password, then it works like a normal USB 3.0 HDD storage device. It’s the total stand alone device supporting independent working as Security HDD and portable 2.5” HDD storage. This is the special and unique feature of Sandilock.

Safely Remove Hardware, Mount/Un-mount function

Sandilock supports convenient ‘Mount/Un-mount’ function like ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ of Windows. Press ‘MENU’ button on the front panel of Sandilock over 2 seconds, then Un-mount and Mount function works repeatedly. For the data safety, this feature doesn’t work if there's any data transfer between Sandilock and host device. In case of using security mode of Sandilock, Password input message comes up first to mount Sandilock.

Emergency data rescue by Master-key

If Sandilock gets physical damage on it or users forget ‘Password’ of their Sandilock in security mode, it's impossible to read any data on HDD of Sandilock. To support the worst case, Sandilock generates and shows ‘Master-Key’ info via the front LED window when a HDD is connected for the first time and user select ‘security mode’ (Password use). Users need to write down and keep it safe. Each HDD has different Master-Key info. Sandilock can remember and reco gnize max 50 different HDDs.


Capacitance Touch Switching Technology

Sandilock supports menu navigation and password input via the finest capacitance touch panel. Easy and prompt input by fingertip!

Effective display via Quality OLED window

Enjoy easy password input, Menu navigation, HDD info and more via the front OLED window.

Adopted by the U.S. government, Top secret AES 256bit Encryption algorithm

Sandilock supports perfect encryption and data security via World Top Class AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 bit algorithm. In case of the encrypted HDD of Sandilock, it’s impossible to read or decode data on the HDD even though it’s connected with other PC systems or devices. It’s perfect personal storage device.

4~8 digit PIN (Password)

Sandilock supports 4~8 digit password. (It's possible to make over 100 million different passwords by the combination of numbers)

USB3.0 Super-Speed

supports USB3 0 Super-Speed (5Gipps) 10 times faster than USB2.0 (480Mbps). © compatible with USB2.0 and supports faster speed than other USB2.0 storage in USB2.0 environment.

ARM based 32bit Controller installed

Sandilock supports the world best speed via the latest 32bit controller not 8bit controller of other External storage devices

SATA type 2.5” HDD support

Compatible with SATA I/li/IIl type 2.5" HDDs (thickness: 9.5mm and under)

Strong and durable stainless design

High durability and graceful design by using stainless material

High quality USB3.0 cable, portable pouch included

Sandilock includes a high quality USB3.0 cable for stable USB3.0 super speed and a portable pouch for product protection.





USB power


2.5 inch SATA I, II, III, HDD

(Max 9.5mm thick HDD available)


USB 3.0 SUPER SPEED (Max 5Gbps)

(USB 3.0 Max speed is available when it's connected with USB 3.0 host deviee,)


All Operation ay SIGNS recognizing USB slorage device


(W) 77x (H) 123.5 x (D) 13.5mm / 92g (w/o HDD)


SANDILOCK unit USB 3.0 cable (70cm –A to Micro B type)

Portable pouch & Clean cloth, Manual, Mini Driver & Screw, Cushions to fix HDD

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