KATA Bug-Kit PL Backpack

Rp 390.000
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KATA Bug-Kit PL Backpack

The Bug-KIT PL is an accessory kit designed to enhance the performance of any standard Bug backpack. The kit includes: * Large 17" laptop sleeve - Simply slide your larger laptop into the existing laptop slot on the rear of the backpack and secure in place using the safety buckles. * A pair of large side pouches - When extra storage in needed these two pouches can be connected to the sides of the backpack. * Adjustable waist belt - For long hauls and ultimate weight distribution add the waist belt using the EPH system connection tabs.
Unique features

Kata designed and patented numerous innovations that allow you to carry and operate your equipment with greater ease and efficiency. These details give you easier access to your equipment when using it, and greater freedom of movement when carrying.

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External Max Size Internal Main Compartment max waist belt girth
L 31 12.2 L 30 11.8 L 160 63
W 4.5 1.8 W 4 1.6 W
H 43.5 17.1 H 43 16.9 H
Max. Weight : 1.3 lbs 0.600 Kg Min. Weight : Learn more ...