KATA 3N1-22 DL for DSLR w/mid-range zoom lens 3-4 lenses flash

Rp 1.500.000
Shipping Weight: 4.10 kg per item
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3N1-22 DL Sling Backpack

The 3N1-22 DL Sling Backpack is designed for ultimate freedom, providing three carrying options in one, effortlessly morphing from right sling to backpack to left sling. The 3N1-22 DL Sling Backpack holds a Pro-DSLR with battery pack and mid-range zoom lens attached, plus 3-4 lenses, flash and personal gear, OR a compact camcorder with accessories. It is also designed to accommodate an iPad/tablet/netbook and personal gear. In sling position, the bag swings around from back to front to provide quick draw access to your main camera/camcorder and important gear. In backpack and ''X'' position you can comfortably carry your equipment for long distances. Arrange equipment in the bottom main compartment of the pack, taking full advantage of the modular dividers to custom fit the bag to your needs. The large top compartment holds personal or additional gear, and the internal pockets and mp3 pouch allow you to organize personal effects as efficiently as your photographic gear. Two external pockets provide quick zippered access to accessories without opening the main compartments.


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