Match Technical Bop-O-L (Red)

Match Technical Bop-O-L (Red)_D

Rp 425.000


‘O’ series Soft Releases-  Designed to a new level

‘O’ series Soft Release Designs now include new features to improve fit and function
With the addition of a compression O-Ring, a new function and aesthetic are met.
Below the stem of each soft release you will find a compression O-Ring that serves to help secure your soft release in place. While some of our graphic offerings present whimsical characters, there is a serious application of design, intended to make each these soft releases provide real benefit to your photography. You will find a more natural position for your finger that eliminates searching or missing contact with the shutter button when your eye is on more important things.
Silver Bee-O-L
The compression O-Ring is shown in red. All of our 4 basic shapes of soft release will now include this compression O-Ring. Actual O-Ring is Black or Green
When installing, the additional effort required to install the soft release means additional force is needed to remove your soft release. We have carried this design premise throughout our new series of Bip-O, Bop-O, Beep-O and Boop-O configurations. The ‘O’ designates the compression O-Ring.
Two versions of each design are now available. L and S (Long and Short)
The L version is suitable for most cameras with standard shutter release button threading such as M9 an older Leicas and also all Fuji X cameras and numerous traditional film cameras.
The S versions are designed for use with the new Leica M type 240 and M-E and Monochrom cameras.

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